About Us

IC Astronomy is a remote telescope hosting operation owned and run by Colin Cooper and Ian King.

Both Colin and Ian are experienced CCD Imagers.

The Observatory is located on the land attached to Colins Spanish Villa where Colin is permanently resident.


Ian King is a well known UK based astrophotographer and runs http://www.IanKingImaging.com

Ian has access to all of the major equipment suppliers, so new parts and spares can be arranged and shipped to the site location.

We offer an installation service where we will install the customers instrumentation. This includes polar alignment of the mount, building a pointing model and if necessary collimation of the telescope (reflecting telescopes only as we are unable to collimate refracting telescopes).

Alternatively customers are welcome to visit the observatory to install and commission their own instrumentation.

We aim to provide one of the very best remote hosting sites anywhere, we are very hands on working our own scopes alongside our customers.

Colin is from an engineering background and this has been invaluable for our customers when on the spot solutions are required, so as to limit downtime to the very minimum.