Our observatory enclosures are custom made on-site by us and are designed in a way to ensure that the scopes enclosed can be parked in any position which enables the roof to be shut very quickly in the event of rain or cloud.

The roof is also designed to let a small amount of airflow inside the observatory - this shortens the equalization time of the mirrors which is very important for successful astroimaging.

Each pier is supplied with multiple power points that are earthed and spike protected with a 100Mb LAN point for internet connection.

We custom make our piers onsite as these are usually different for each installation.  All piers are constructed from 8-inch Tube and 10mm plate, a construction which we have been using for years, and they have always given us a very solid and adjustable foundation.  We also adapt our pier fittings in order to make your pier adaptors fit correctly.

We have a number of automation and safety features, which are still evolving, to give us a reliable and consistent operation - obviously keeping all the equipment that is installed safe and secure is one of our highest priorities.  We have sensors to indicate cloud, rain, humidity and heat, all of which are designed to give us the maximum amount of time in the open, but also to keep all of the equipment safe and dry.

Our Davis weather station is top of the range and provides us with a lot of onsite data, we also use a number of offsite stations.  We are currently developing a page so that you check the current weather conditions.

And if all this fails... we can rely on good old human interaction as I live onsite!!

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